The aquamorph (Homo aquaticus) is one of the first genetically modified species of humans in the book Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future designed to be a aquatic dweller, this inhabited the oceans of the earth in the 22nd Century (200 years hence)

These beings were created with the purpose of helping in the construction of underwater deuterium mills for fuel used for the interstellar colonization project due to the collapse of the human civilization. These are characterized by their modified paddle-shaped legs, which allow to swim, in addition to the change of the form of the head, which adjusts to be hydrodynamically efficient when swimming. The face is quite narrow, but broad at the sides, possessing only a couple of holes, rather centred eyes, large nostrils and a wide mouth. Due to the genetic modifications on facial tissue an head shape, this is incapable of making facial gestures. Aquamorphs are able to breathe under the water by the use of gills that are located in the chest. They possess a high intelligence being similar to the one of their relative humans, able to use tools which carry in a special belt.

Although their inability to reproduce would lead them to their extinction after having completed the interstellar project, the experimentation of a lineage adapted to aquatic life able to survive and reproduce would continue by the same engineers who created them just before the project end, establishing the foundations for the aquatics to be created.

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