Coelurosauria /sɨˌljʊərəˈsɔriə/ is the clade containing all Theropod Dinosaurs more closely related to Birds than to Carnosaurs. Coelurosauria is a subgroup of Theropod Dinosaurs that includes Compsognathids, Tyrannosaurs, Ornithomimosaurs, and Maniraptorans; Maniraptora includes Birds, the only Dinosaur group alive today. Most feathered Dinosaurs discovered so far have been Coelurosaurs; Philip J. Currie considers it probable that all Coelurosaurs were feathered. In the past, Coelurosauria was used to refer to all small non-avian Theropods, although this classification has been abolished.

They date back to the Middle Jurassic, but with a possible Early Jurassic record.

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