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This category speaks of creatures that it is in the French book "Demain, les animaux du futur" created by Marc Boulay (The animal sculptor and digital sculptor to already work with Dougal Dixon on documentary and fiction project "Krakken: ocean future" in 1995 and 1996) and Sebastien Steyer (A paleontologist at CNRS assigned to the National Museum of natural history in Paris).

He recounts a journey into the future in which the land is recovering from the global warming caused by man, in an inter-glaciere period in the future there are 10 million years in the future (note: previously it was 50 million years in the future).

Time travelers will cross the futuristic both strange and wonderful.The authors have indeed used their knowledge of evolutionary science and anatomy to offer a plausible scenario of evolution leading from the present fauna animals they imagined the future.

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