The Electrophyte is a red, plains-dwelling, mushroom-like plant from Darwin IV with the ability to generate electricity.

Colonies of electrophytes open up with a flickering display of miniature lightning bolts. This in turn triggers neighboring stands of the red, stalky plants to sympathetically fire their charges, which creates a vivid chain reaction across the horizon. These plants are endowed with the unique ability to protect themselves with strong electrical discharges, often of sufficient intensity to kill small animals, like jetdarters. They can also become agitated when they sense a massive beast approaching.

Arrowtongues are frequently spotted concealing themselves amongst electrophyte beds, taking advantage of the colonial plants’ electrical discharges to discourage the herds of prey animals from approaching too closely. It is believed that the creature emits its ranging pings in concert with the electrophytes’ discharges, a habit that probably obscures its point of origin from prey animals.