Flightless guineafowl

The flightless guineafowl is found in Africa south of the Equator. It is one of the fiercest and most territorial of all tropical ground-dwelling birds.

The flightless guineafowl, Pseudostruthio gularis, is a large, flightless, wingless guineafowl from the tropical grasslands of Africa, descended from the helmeted guineafowl.

Standing about 1.7 meters high, it sports a startling selection of erectile wattles and inflatable throat pouches, w
Guinea fowl show

When threatened the guineafowl inflates its throat pouch, arches its neck far back until it nearly touches its back and utters a shrill, throaty scream.

hich are used in threat displays when dominance or pecking order is threatened. It is an omnivorous bird and feeds on seeds, grasses, insects and small reptiles. Although it can deal a lethal blow with its broad feet in common with most plains-dwelling animals it runs off when real danger threatens.

Mating occurs in the early summer and normally results in one or two eggs being laid 5 or 6 weeks later. The incubation is shared by both males and females.

Fowl head
Flightless guineafowl 3

Including for the color of their legs, there is little difference between males and females. Males have pink and females have blue.

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