Grobbit 2

The grobbit feeds mainly on the leaves and shoots of desert shrubs. Its cloven hoofs and dewclaws are used in conjunction to grasp branches.

The grobbit, Ungulamys cerviforme, is a rabbuck-like pedetid, descended from springhares, adapted to move across rocky terrain.

This rodent is about 60 centimeters long, excluding the tail, and has hooves developed on its third and fourth digits enabling it to run about the craggy landscape of the rocky desert. The second and fifth digits of its front feet have small claws that almost touch the hooves when the foot is bent, allowing the grobbit to grasp and pull down branches and feed on them. The grobbit lives in packs all over the rocky desert zone of the Africa and Asia.


The grobbit is purely herbivorous. Its long tail may grow up to over 100 centimetres.

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