The hibernator (Homo dormitor) is a forest-dwelling human from the book Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future, one of the descendants of the temperate woodland-dweller (descended from Trancer's line), characterized by their ability to hibernate for long periods of time.

History and behavior

The hibernators appeared during the periods of 5000 to 10000 years, product of the new cold climate, this species is capable to hibernate the time necessary to be able to withstand the inclement climate during the winter until the arrival of summer, but only the males being able to do it, while the females are forced to migrate southward to survive and to give birth and care for their offspring, but during the migrations many times results in considerable loss of several females. The males are versatile in the construction of shelters formed by wood which they use to pass the winter and to accumulate the necessary foodFemales appear to have a much lower life expectancy, tending to live a few years. This species is polygamous, males tend to breed with different females throughout their lives.


The planters are a much longer-lived descendants of the hibernators which lives 2 million years in the future, being able to live hundreds of years that spend most of the time dormant in large structures which build with the sole purpose of protecting them during the long lethargy period. When they wake up, they take up some time to feed themselves, to grow new food and to repair their enclosures if necessary. It can be assumed that they were extinguished due to the last climatic changes in 3 million years in the future.

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