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The horrane is the tropical gigantelope's principal predator. The horrane's hunting strategy relies heavily on concealment and the element of surprise.

The horrane, Phobocebus hamungulus, is a large, predatory, carnivorous, almost feline-like primate from the tropical grasslands of Africa, from After Man: A Zoology of the Future

It leads a totally ground-dwelling carnivorous mode of life. Lying in the long grass, where it is camouflaged by its stripes and mane, it waits for its chief prey, the gigantelopes (namely tropical gigantelopes). As they pass by, the horrane leaps out on to the back or neck of its quarry, using its sickle-like claws to rip deep wounds around the neck and throat. Severely wounded, the gigantelope soon dies, providing a meal for the whole horrane family group.

As predators such as the horrane eat only the softer tissues and muscles of a gigantelope's belly and anal regions there is always plenty of meat left for the scavengers, such as raboons, gholes and birds of prey.