Welcome to the Speculative Evolution Wiki, or SpecWiki! The goal of this site is to create an in-depth encyclopedia on the topic of speculative biology; that includes evolution of the future, alternative Earths, and life in space (exobiology). We also plan to provide information on the works of Dougal Dixon (After Man: A Zoology of the Future and other books), Peter Ward (Future Evolution), Wayne Barlowe (Expedition), and the like; these also classify into our biography category. The Speculative Evolution Wiki shall also provide guides for those interested in creating their own speculative biology projects and information on evolution and both living and extinct species. Articles on living and extinct species should have an emphasis on the evolution of the species, only containing short details on their biology and behavior. This site also has a database for persons who wish to display their own ideas for speculative biology (much like Spore Wiki). The authors of this site promise to work cooperatively with others of the speculative biology online community, including Philosphica Dixonia.

We try to cater for adults who are interested in the science of evolution and also to help school kids learn and understand evolution. We hope you will bear with us as combining both in the same website is tricky, please look for parts of the wiki that suit you.

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