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The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island is a book created in 2005 by Weta Workshop as a field guide of the Skull Island wildlife presented in the movie King Kong, exposing in great detail the diversity of organisms inhabiting the lost island. Despite of the possible evolutionary inaccuracies that the fauna of the book can possess this book stands out for the detailed descriptions and illustrations in its attempt to expose the fictitious fauna and its variety.


Skull island landscape from the coast, the rough landscape is product of millions of years of erosion and collapse of the terrain.

Some years after the first expedition and the death of the last Kong in 1933 on New York, Skull island became the main focus of different groups from universities to private organizations to investigate and catalog what inhabits on it, thus creating an exploration race with different expedition groups going across the unexplored regions, but due to the chaotic conditions of the surroundings and the aggressive behavior of most of the native fauna and human inhabitants, many of these expeditions ended disastrously, with lots of casualties in just a year. Thanks to proper organization and funding through three parties, the Legacy project was founded in 1935, being a 3-month expedition to document the island and its inhabitants. Despite some setbacks and incidents, this one was successful in comparison to the previous ones, made evidence of not only the enormous diversity that exists in this island but also exposing the fact that with only one exploration would not be sufficient to be able to collect everything that could exist there. This led to the project becoming a long-term mission, and not only with the aim of cataloging species but also of establishing a permanent base. Unfortunately all of this fell apart in subsequent years, starting during the second expedition in 1936 due to an earthquake of great magnitude that ended up sinking a part of the island, killing 5 members of the team in the process. Thanks to a group geologists it was discovered that the island was doomed to crumble and sink into the sea in few decades. 15 years after its discovery and 7 legacy expeditions (being the last one around 1946), Skull island sank down in the water, disappearing forever taking with it all its native flora, fauna and people as well anything of invaluable knowledge.

Skull island

Skull island topology map (1935)







Pits and chasms




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