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The Vultursaur, Vultursaurus, is a strange, nocturnal, flying scansoriopterygid with bat-like wings from the chasms and jungles of Skull Island. It has a 20-25 inch wingspan.

Vultursaurs, despite appearances, are not pterosaurs. In fact they are the sole surviving representatives of a remarkable second dynasty of airborne theropods that have developed bat-like wing membranes instead of feathered wings. Their wings (which are not single sheets of skin as on pterosaurs) are divided by extended fingers like bats. Broad and supple, their wings are able to be realigned with ease in flight. Their flapping is not as efficient as either a bird’s or bat’s but is more than sufficient to keep them aloft.

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The big-eyed flocking creatures are nocturnal, roosting on ledges or in deep jungle shade during the day, emerging in vast flocks to hunt insects, such as moths, at night. They have excellent night vision, their reflective eyes able to discern distance and depth in even dim starlight. Only on the blackest nights are they grounded.

Predators include Terapusmordax and Deplectors.